Shark Diving
How to Get the Most From Your Shark Dive

Watch What You Wear

Always wear a mask, fin and snorkel and preferably a wetsuit when swimming with sharks. Obviously, the mask lets you see any sharks, while fins and snorkel will allow you to swim relatively calmly and efficiently.

Avoid Mammals

Never free-dive or snorkel with marine mammals where there is the possibility encountering sharks, as the sharks may mistake you for their natural prey. If sharks do appear, do not thrash about but instead swim calmly and leave the water.

Not Dusk Or Dawn

Avoid swimming with sharks at dusk or dawn, many sharks are crepuscular in their feeding patterns, meaning they feed at dawn and dusk unless other opportunities arrive. I have on occasion been harassed by grey reef sharks at dusk which during the day had been timid and kept their distance.

Reduce the Risk of a Shark Attack While Diving
Dive Hacks

  • • Avoid diving in waters with poor visibility as it increases the chance of a shark mistaking you for something it normally eats.
  • • Avoid diving at dawn and dusk, as this is when many species of sharks are most active.
  • • If a shark is spotted, find your dive buddy and stay together. Sharks are more likely to attack solitary individuals than members of a group. Seals use the same defensive strategy with white sharks in South Africa.
  • • If you are lucky enough to see a shark while diving, stay calm and keep an eye on it.
  • • If you do not feel safe with the shark then slowly swim to the dive boat or shore to exit the water.

The Take-Home Message
About Diving With Sharks

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    Sharks are very rare animals

    We seek out opportunities to swim with sharks. They are a beautiful but threatened group of species. Instead of fearing sharks, divers should cherish swimming in the presence of these amazing and increasingly rare animals.

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    People should protect sharks

    Each year, up to 100 million sharks are killed for their fins, jaws, teeth, meat, or by accident. On average, for every human killed by sharks up to 20 million sharks are killed by people. Divers and people, in general, should stop fearing sharks and start protecting them.

Heroes Behind the Company

I've always had a fascination with the underwater world. As a diver, I can explore a part of that world that most people will never see. Being completely surrounded by water and beautiful sea creatures is an indescribable feeling!

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