Great Shark Diving. How to get the most from it.

It might be your first time diving with sharks, or you could be a seasoned pro — but here are a collection of helpful tips to make sure you make the most out of your next shark diving opportunity.

Play By the Rules

If the operation uses a system with regularly appearing sharks that expect divers to be positioned a certain way, do it. Breaking protocol disrupts the sharks’ learned behavior, which could agitate them.

Your Hotel Has a Gym

Shark diving isn’t the time for a workout: Don’t swim after them. the animals will circle back to the food, so stay still and be patient. “Chasing doesn’t just annoy other divers — it annoys the sharks,” says Jillian Morris Brake, a marine biologist/videographer.

Speak Up

Talk with the guide so he’ll know your experience level. “Be honest,” advises Brake. “Express your concerns and make a plan in case you panic or want to get out of the water.”

Keep It Simple

Don’t task load: Even if you’ve been diving for years, swimming with sharks might be a new experience. Build a comfort level before you add a camera to the equation.

Dress for Success

Avoid white, light blue and other colors that sharks might mistake for fish.

Learn the Signs

Research the behavior of species you’ll encounter. the goal is to learn to recognize a shark’s body language.

Be a Tough Guy Elsewhere

“Don’t feel like you have something to prove,” says Brake. “Sharks attract a lot of cowboys, so stay within your limits.”

It’s Their World

With time, you will grow comfortable around sharks. Remember that they are wild animals that demand respect.